Learning to play the Guitar was quite an accident, I must say.. it changed my whole life.
Cant imagine what I would have been If I wasn't a musician... Learning to play the guitar at the age of 14, I went on playing for 6-8 hours everyday not because anyone told me to but just couldn't lay my hands of it!! Got into a Pop band within about a year or so and started playing for catholic weddings:-) What an achievement it was for me.... Man I was in a BAND!!!
My craving for distorted guitars led me to join a Thrash metal band called "Thor" and surprisingly enough I still keep bumping into people who have heard me play with the band...Crazy...after 12-14 long years ..Man how can people remember...??? But feels good I must admit..:-)
Soon enough without realizing playing Guitar became my profession..Wow!! How cool is that??
As I formed/joined lot of bands, started freelancing, teaching guitar etc I began to mature as a player and even before I could realize I was a full time musician!! Then came a band which I formed along with a very good friend of mine Crosby and we named it Freedom. We became quite popular during our time and gigged quite a bit all over. As Freedom faded into oblivion I formed Dream Out Loud with Suraj Jagan..
After a few years of existence both of us felt the urge to pursue our solo careers. Hence DOL has come to a standstill.
I released my first Solo Studio Instrumental album titled "A Change" in 2009. It was a mix of electronic sounds and loops with some intense guitar playing and was quite an experiment for me.

I now do a project called Axe-Tortion, which is a collaboration of various Guitarists from the country, and for me its the most exciting things I have ever done in my life!!

I currently play Guitar and arrange/compose music for Radio and TV ads when I am not touring and teach Guitar as well. I also own & run India's Only Online Guitar Lessons website www.theguitarthing.com.
I am also in the process of releasing my 2nd Solo Studio Album titled "The Conqueror".