Electric Guitars

Ibanez Rg 760 (Made in USA)

Has been my main axe for Live gigs for more than 12 years and I have used it for tons of commercial recording sessions as well.
This was the Guitar I played my first ever gig with & I owe my entire career to this Guitar!
And if I am not mistaken this is one of the rare Made in USA Ibanez.

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

Gibson Guitars offered me this beautiful Guitar a few years back and I ended up using it for my first solo album ŇA ChangeÓ

Ibanez J Custom Rg8420ZD

This is my current favorite. I use it for all my live gigs, using it for my 2nd Album, as well as other recording sessions. It's a very versatile Guitar and everything about it just feels right for my style of music and playing.